About Us

In January 1996, I started a small landscaping company, called Ray’s Creative Landscaping. I did mostly add on installation to existing landscapes. Customers started asking me about irrigation systems, so I decided to take it up a notch, and went to school to learn irrigation design and installation.

After graduating from the Toro irrigation institute, I soon had my first irrigation job secured! During this installation, I thought maybe I should get into new house landscapes , including irrigation systems. So another milestone reached, I began doing turn key new home landscape construction. We did the grading, irrigation, landscaping, sod or seed, complete start to finish. I always included several good size trees in my landscaping and quickly realized buying the trees was one of my biggest expenses, and most time consuming, running the trees down. I was always at the mercy of “what was available”! So another brainstorm happened, and I planted a few trees for me and my landscaping jobs. Guess what happened next?

Other landscaper friends would ask me “where did you get those trees”? “Can you sell me a few?” So I had to plant more. As I began to use more trees, and sell more trees, the need became even more great. This resulted in me having to decide which one I wanted to do, grow trees or landscape? So, in the early 2000’s I began to plant more trees and phase out the landscaping.

Now in 2020, I have approximately 100 acres in production of all types of trees. We are now a full time wholesale tree farm & nursery. We have local customers as well as customers from Texas to Connecticut. We ship trees by tractor trailer all over the east coast, south and west.

Let Rays Creative Landscaping & Tree Farm provide the trees for your garden shop, nursery, or landscape installation company. Thank you to all the loyal customers who have been with me for all of these years!!! Browse through our website and let me know how I can help!



North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association Member
Maryland Landscape & Nursery Association Member
New Jersey Nursery & Landscape Association Member
Dunn & Bradstreet Member
NC Accredited Better Business Bureau Member

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